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  • Cute Designs

  • Quality Build

  • Easy To Use

  • Safe

  • Great Gift

Easily bake and make excellent, high detail cookies, candies, jellies and even cheese with this wooden cookie cutter mould.

Wooden Gingerbread Cookie Mold - Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - DIY Wooden Cookie Mould -

Excellent Cookie Mould

Do you bake professionally, or do you have an active interest in DIY baking and cooking projects? If you do, then this cookie mould is an accessory you will find most useful. This excellent cookie mould is the perfect cooking accessory you need to make wonderful cookies, biscuits, candies, jelly and lots more! You will always be able to use this cookie mould for baking and making food that have great detail. This ensures you will be able to easily achieve that professional baking look you want. You'll love the cute designs!

Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Excellent Cookie Mould -

Quality Build

There are several different cookie and biscuit moulds for sale on the market these days; however, most of these items have low build quality. This low build quality often results in them easily breaking or losing shape after just a few use cycles.

This excellent cookie mould however is different thanks to its high-quality build. This cookie mould is made with beech wood coated with natural linseed oil, which ensures it is very viable and will remain functional for ages!

Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Quality Build -

Easy To Use

This high-quality cookie cutter mould is also very easy to use. To use it, all you have to do is simply follow the steps below:
- Place the dough you have prepared over the opening of this cookie mould.
- Then using a rolling pin, press the dough and even it out until it perfectly fits this cookie mould's space.
- After this, you then simply turn the mould over and allow the now perfectly-shaped cookie dough to gently slide out.
That’s all! Your cookie dough will perfectly assume the shape of the mould you are using, and once you put it in the oven, you'll love how the cookies come out!

Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Easy To Use -


Now you might be wondering, “this cookie mould is made of wood, so is it really safe for my food?” Good question! The answer is YES! This is because this cookie mould is made with premium-quality food-grade wood (yes, that is actually a thing). So you certainly don’t need to worry about your food getting contaminated when it comes in contact with this wooden cookie mould.

This cookie mould is also perfectly built, so you won’t have to worry about wood splinters getting into your cookie dough. You’ll be perfectly safe.

Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Safe -

Great Gift

Do you have a friend or loved one who enjoys baking and has an active interest in baking DIY projects? If you do then this a perfect gift to give to them. This is because this wooden cookie mould has a high-quality build, is easy to use and is perfectly food-safe, so they will love owning it. It will also make their baking process easier and allow them to get better results.

Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Great Gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Light yellow timber
  • Pattern Style: Pinecone, Rose, Provance Rose, Violets, Bunny, Fox, Windmill, Hedgehog, Flowers, Deer, Rose and Heart
    Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Wooden Gingerbread Cookie Mold






    Wooden Cookie Cutter Mould - Package -
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