Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella

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  • Easy To Use

  • Quality Build

  • Extra-large Umbrella Space

  • All-round Protection

  • Night Lighting

Give yourself the best available protection against sun and rain using this windproof LED Umbrella for rain and sun!

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - LED Umbrella  -

Easy To Use

Few things make an appliance/tool more attractive than easy and convenient to use. When the item in question is an umbrella, then this is even truer. Nobody wants to use an umbrella that is complicated to operate.
Umbrellas should be portable, of just the right size, just the right weight, and easy to use. In other words, umbrellas should be just like this one. This windproof umbrella has just one button. This button controls the opening and closing of the umbrella to help minimise stress. The umbrella is also perfectly portable, so it is easy to transport around.
Whether you're getting into a car or out of one, you will likely not have any problems with the umbrella.

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Easy To Use -

Quality Build

Any umbrella that will be perfect for use in sunny or rainy conditions must be made with the best materials. If not, it could be damaged during rains, effortlessly sport a leak, and generally wear faster than it should. Therefore, the quality build is usually the defining characteristic of different products. This also applies to umbrellas. This umbrella has a 10-bone umbrella frame to ensure your safety and comfort.
The frame is made of highly dense, corrosion-resistant material, with reinforced composite treatment at the joints. This makes the umbrella windproof and gives it just the right amount of flexibility.

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Quality Build -

Extra-large Umbrella Space

Ever been in that uncomfortable situation where your umbrella never quite seems to be able to shield you from the rain or the sun? Or maybe you've had to share an umbrella with someone, and the protection the umbrella offered wasn't adequate. Then you should pay attention to this point because here is your umbrella fix. This umbrella has an extra-wide design, and this helps to increase the area of protection from sun and rain.
With this accessory, you can safely walk in the rain or sun. Thanks to the extra-wide coverage design, you can even afford to share it with a friend or partner.

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Extra-large Umbrella Space -

All-round Protection

Umbrellas protect from rain, sun, and some other harsh weather conditions. Different umbrella types are often used for different situations. With this umbrella, however, you get access to all-around protection. The umbrella is windproof, rain-/waterproof, and UV resistant. This, of course, makes it perfectly suitable for every weather condition.

Come rain, come sunshine, this umbrella keeps you safe.

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - All-round Protection -

Night Lighting

Ready? No, you're not! Check this out when you think you know all there is to know about umbrellas. Apart from being usable in almost all weather conditions, this umbrella can also be used at any time of the day. Yes, you read right. Any time! How? Well, the umbrella also has a torch built into it. The torch is long-lasting, and it runs on replaceable batteries. This ensures that you can change them when they run low.

Now you can take those evening walks you've always wanted to without fear of rain or not being able to see.

Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Night Lighting -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Cloth+Metal
  • Battery: Built-in button Battery
  • Power source: Button Cell Battery
  • Torch: LED
    Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x LED-umbrella

    Windproof LED Sun & Rain Umbrella - Package -
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