Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck

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  • Quick Heating

  • Automatic turn off

  • Secure straps

  • Lightweight & compact

  • Universal design

Stay cosy and warm while travelling in a car even on cold days with this heated car seat cover.

Warm Car Seat Cover │ Electric Heated Car Seat Cover | heated truck seat cover -

Heated Car Seat Cover

It's early in the morning. The weather is terrible. You rush to work for an important meeting. In a hurry, you grab a lunch box, your phone and the documents you need. You get into a frozen car and it feels as if the cold reaches right into your bones. What a nightmare! We all know that story, right? But don’t worry, the solution is here. Give yourself some warmth and cosiness during cold months by installing this heated car seat cover in your car. It will help you warm up quickly even when it’s really cold.

Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Heated Car Seat Cover -

Quick Heating

Freezing cold is not something we like experiencing, right? While you're in a car during the colder months you want to stay warm and you want the car seat covers to heat quickly. The good news is that it will take this accessory only about 2-3 minutes to heat up. So you won't have to wait long to feel cosily warm and comfortable to drive. Enjoy!

Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Quick Heating -

Temperature Control

Adjust the temperature to your preferences to stay comfortable and warm in the car. You can set the car seat cover to keep a constant temperature, from 35°C up to 65°C. If it rises above this temperature, the seat cover will turn off automatically. It will also automatically turn on when the temperature goes down. How convenient!

Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Temperature Control -

Universal Design

Another great feature of this car seat heating cover is its universal design. It fits most cars so go ahead and use it no matter if you have an SUV, a truck or any other kind of car. The installation is really easy. You don’t need any extra tools or skills to do it. Just use the straps to secure it. That way you ensure the accessory stays in place. There are also extra straps for the underside of your seat to keep the warming cover in place.

It’s versatile so you can consider using it even at home! For example, use it to relax stiff muscles or stay warm wherever you need to.

Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Universal Design -

Lightweight and Portable

Cold autumn and winter months mean more clothes, more accessories and heavier equipment in general. It’s inevitable. That’s why we’re happy to tell you that this heated car seat cover is lightweight and compact. You can carry it with you easily thanks to its portable design. Fold it and store it in your drawer when you don’t need it. It’s that simple!

Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Lightweight and Portable -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Fiber Cloth
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 96W
  • Temperature: High 65°C/Low 35°C
  • Item size: 97 cm x 48 cm
  • Item weight: 500 g
  • Colors: Black or Grey
    Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Electric heated car seat cover

    1 x User's manual

    Heated Seat Cover for Car, SUV, and Truck - Package -
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