Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser

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  • Convenient

  • Adhesive

  • Dust-proof

  • Practical Design

  • Wide mouth

Easily store and dispense grains and cereals at the touch of a knob with this handy wall-mounted dispenser.

wall-mounted cereal dispenser | adhesive food dispenser | wall-mounted grain dispenser -

Wall-Mounted Cereal and Grain Dispenser

Do you like your kitchen to be well organised? Many like to keep dry foods in storage containers. They may have neat stacks of containers with everything they need. Some areas of the kitchen can be either humid or dusty. So to keep your food safe, you might be looking for some air-proof containers.

Well, look no further! This cereal and grain dispenser will be perfect for you! You can mount it on your kitchen wall and have easy access to your dry food items. And it’s well-sealed to protect the food items from dust and moisture. Let us tell you more about it!

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Wall-Mounted Cereal and Grain Dispenser -

Advantages over Traditional Containers

Why is this wall-mounted dispenser superior to other food storage containers? Well, for one thing, you can easily stick it on your kitchen wall. That means no more rummaging around in the back of your pantry for the box of cereal you want. You’ll instead have a quick and easy access to your dry food items.

And you won’t have to continually pull out or move the other containers in your pantry to get at the one you want - how convenient! If you buy several dispensers, you could have one for each of the grains, cereals, and other dry foods you regularly use. Since the grains come out of the bottom, you can add more to the container and still use up the previously added food first!

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Advantages over Traditional Containers -

Easy to Install

Don’t worry, there are no screws, drills, or hammers involved in mounting this dispenser! It has a strong adhesive panel on the back. Simply peel the clear layer off the back of the bracket. Stick it onto the wall where you want your dispenser, and press firmly all around the bracket.

We recommend you wait a while (a couple of hours) before mounting the dispenser on the bracket. This allows the adhesive to bond with the wall’s surface. Then just slide the dispenser into place and start using it. How easy is that! The sliding feature is also great for when you want to wash the container. The bracket will adhere to smooth walls best, such as tiled surfaces. Avoid highly textured surfaces. It would be a good idea to wipe down the wall first to ensure it’s dry and dust-free.

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Easy to Install -

How to Use your Dispenser

What grains can you use in these dispensers? Anything that’s smaller than 6mm will easily come through the dispenser at the bottom. Like rice, beans, lentils, couscous, oats, coffee beans, and more!

Fill the container by taking off the lid. The mouth of the container is extra wide to allow easy filling. Fit the lid back on. You can now dispense the food item at the touch of a knob! It will release a controlled stream that you can catch in a bowl or cup. This makes it easy to measure as well.

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - How to Use your Dispenser -

Other Creative Uses

Why not think outside the kitchen? Use one in the bathroom to dispense bath salts. Or have handy access to your washing powder each time you wash your clothes! Since it’s transparent, you’ll be able to see at a glance how much of the item you have left. You and your family will love the convenience of this wall-mounted dispenser.

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Other Creative Uses -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: ABS & PS plastic
  • Colour: transparent and white
  • Size: 1000ml or 1500ml
Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Dimensions -

Included :

1 x cereal dispenser

1 x adhesive wall-mount

Adhesive Wall-Mounted Cereal Dispenser - Package -

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