U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2)

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  • U-shaped Brush head

  • Soft Bristles

  • Good Grip Handle

  • Safe and reliable

  • Food Grade Silicone

Make the daily routine of brushing your child´s teeth fun and comfortable

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids, soft britles, good grip handle, safe to use - Ozerty

U-shaped Brush head

The U-shaped Toothbrush for kids has a brush head in the exact shape of your toddler or child's teeth and gums. Because of the special shape the U-shaped Toothbrush will help clean your child's teeth in all directions and a 360-degree angle, so you know the teeth in the whole mouth will be cleaned all around, and no small spots will be missed.

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - U-shaped Brush head - Ozerty

Soft Bristles

Children like it when their toothbrush is soft and gentle on their teeth and gums which is the case with the U-shaped Toothbrush, because it has soft silicone bristles. The soft bristles on the U-shaped toothbrush will give your child's teeth a proper cleaning while being as comfortable as a soft massage on the gums. Your child will love using the U-shaped Toothbrush because it will feel like fun and games, rather than a duty or routine.

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Soft Bristles - Ozerty

Good Grip Handle

The U-shaped Toothbrush has a nicely shaped handle made of quality plastic that is both strong and durable, so your child can hold on to it firmly. The Handle on the U-shaped Toothbrush is lightweight, but still a proper size and length to fit into a kid's hand, so they can get a good grip on it and use it with ease.

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Good Grip Handle - Ozerty

Safe and reliable

The teeth and gums on children are growing fast and that is one of the reasons the oral hygiene of our little ones is extra important. The U-shaped Toothbrush helps develop good brushing habits because it is fun and at the same time it reduces the reappearance of cavities. Because of the soft bristles stimulation and soft massage, the U-shaped Toothbrush is also a good choice for children with sensitive gums.

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Safe and reliable - Ozerty

Food Grade Silicone - easy to clean

The material of the U-shaped Toothbrush is 100% safe food grade silicone, so it is healthy for your child to use. Its material is very easy to clean after use, you only need to rince it under water with your fingers and let it dry like any normal adult toothbrush. The flexibility of the silicone used for the U-shaped Toothbrush gives it access to the normally hard-to-reach places in your child's mouth. The U-shaped Toothbrush is an easy, fun, and efficient way for your children to brush their teeth.

U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Food Grade Silicone - easy to clean - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimension: 11.9cm x 5cm
  • Material: Food Grade Silicone
  • Colours: Pink, Blue
  • Suitable for ages: S: 2-6 years old. L: 6-12 years old
    U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1xPink U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids

    and 1 x Blue U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids

    U-shaped Toothbrush for Kids (pack of 2) - Package - Ozerty
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