Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream

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  • Brightening Agents
  • Hydration Barrier
  • Peptide Formulation
  • Improves Elasticity
  • Non-Greasy

Transform your skin with Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream, a luxurious solution that rejuvenates and firms sagging, crepey skin. Infused with serum-rich ingredients, it delivers visible results in just three days, providing a youthful, radiant complexion as a powerful full-body treatment.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Ozerty

Radiance and Clarity

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream is infused with Niacinamide, a potent brightening agent that works wonders on your skin. This form of Vitamin B-3 targets age spots and dark spots, transforming dull, uneven skin into a radiant, luminous complexion. Niacinamide not only brightens but also improves skin elasticity, reduces inflammation, and enhances the skin barrier function. By incorporating this powerhouse ingredient, the Youth Butter ensures that your skin glows with youthful clarity and evenness, making it a must-have in your skincare routine for a brighter, more vibrant look.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Radiance and Clarity - Ozerty

Deep and Lasting Moisture

One of the standout features of Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream is its exceptional hydration capabilities. The Tri-Hyaluronic Acid blend combines hyaluronic acid molecules of varying molecular weights to penetrate the skin deeply and lock in moisture. This innovative approach creates a robust hydration barrier that keeps your skin supple and plump throughout the day. Coupled with the ultra-hydrating properties of Shea Butter, this formulation ensures that your skin remains deeply moisturized, combating dryness and maintaining its youthful vigor. Say goodbye to flaky, parched skin and hello to a smooth, hydrated complexion.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Deep and Lasting Moisture - Ozerty

Anti-Aging Powerhouse

The advanced peptide formulation in Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream is a game-changer for anti-aging skincare. Infused with Sapphire-Infused Triple Peptide, this luxurious butter penetrates the skin more deeply than traditional peptides, delivering targeted results. These peptides work to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin texture. By decelerating the aging process and enhancing skin firmness, this peptide-rich formulation transforms your skin, making it appear smoother, firmer, and more youthful. It’s a high-powered solution for anyone seeking to turn back the clock on their skin.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Anti-Aging Powerhouse - Ozerty

Firm and Toned Skin

Elasticity is a crucial factor in maintaining a youthful appearance, and Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream excels in this area. With its combination of cutting-edge ingredients, this product boosts the skin’s natural elasticity, giving it a firmer and more toned look. Ingredients like Niacinamide and Caffeine enhance skin resilience, while Micro Algae from Iceland promotes repair at the cellular level. Regular use of this Youth Butter results in skin that feels tighter and looks more lifted, especially around areas prone to sagging, such as the neck and jawline. Enjoy the confidence that comes with firm, elastic skin that defies gravity.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Firm and Toned Skin - Ozerty


Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream features a non-greasy formula that feels luxurious yet lightweight on the skin. This unique texture allows for quick absorption, leaving no oily residue behind. Perfect for daily use, this butter seamlessly integrates into your skincare routine without causing any discomfort or stickiness. Its non-greasy nature ensures that your skin can breathe while benefiting from the potent active ingredients. Whether applied in the morning before makeup or at night as part of your bedtime regimen, this formula provides all the benefits of deep hydration and anti-aging without the heaviness often associated with rich creams.

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Lightweight - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Net content: 80ml | 2.67 oz

Product shelf life: 3 years

Applicability- All skin type

Ingredients: Niacinamide, Tri-Hyaluronic Acid, Micro Algae, Shea Butter, Caffeine, Squalene

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1x Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream

Ultra Hydrating Skin Firming Cream - Product content - Ozerty

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