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  • Solar-powered

  • Efficient Design

  • Intelligent Build

  • High-Resolution

  • Durable

Need to improve the security of your home or office building? Ensure you’re totally covered with this solar-powered outdoor camera.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - 4G LTE FDD GSM Solar Wireless Camera - HD Security Surveillance Camera -


Everything is better when it works on solar power, isn’t it? There is just something ensuring about owning devices with solar charging as an option. This is especially convenient when it comes to surveillance cameras. But, they mostly have one major disadvantage; they run on electrical power. This means that your security will most likely be compromised once there is an issue with the electrical supply of these cameras.

With this solar-powered outdoor camera, you will not have to deal face issues of security compromise due to electric supply interruption. This camera runs solely on solar power so as long as the sun is shining, your security monitoring system is sure to be functional.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Solar-powered -

Efficient Design

Now you’re probably wondering, “This is great, but what happens when the sun sets? Will my security monitoring system remain functional?” The answer to that is YES! This is because this solar-powered outdoor camera has a very energy-efficient design. You can put batteries into the camera, and these batteries will be charged via the camera’s solar panel. This ensures that even when there is no sunlight, your camera will have power.
What’s more, this solar camera’s efficient design ensures you won’t have to deal with wiring issues since it doesn’t even require any wiring in the first place!

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Efficient Design -

Intelligent Build

One factor that truly distinguishes this outdoor surveillance camera from the usual “generic” outdoor camera is its intelligent build. This outdoor camera has a mobile application that ensures you’ll be able to control the camera and monitor what is going on right from your mobile phone!

But that’s not all; This camera also has a 360-degree revolution capacity, which perfectly complements its motion-sensing feature to ensure you never miss anything. It supports two-way voice communication, and you will also be able to record live feed to your phone.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Intelligent Build -

High Resolution

Another reason for you to consider swapping out your existing surveillance camera for this smart outdoor camera is the fact that it offers high-resolution pictures and videos. This is important because, while there are several outdoor cameras available on the market, you’ll often find that they mostly have/offer poor visibility as a result of low-resolution capabilities.
With this camera, however, you can access very clear, very sharp pictures and videos. It also has a colour night vision feature thanks to a perfect blend of white light and infrared LEDs. This means you will have perfect night visibility.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - High Resolution -

Made of Quality Materials

Usually, you would expect an electrical device with this many functions to have low durability. However, with this high-resolution outdoor camera, that’s not the case at all. This is because it has a high-quality build that ensures it is sufficiently durable and weather-resistant. What’s more, it is also water-resistant so it is perfect for outdoor use.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Made of Quality Materials -

Technical characteristics :

  • Options: WIFI only, WIFI+Battery, or WIFI+Battery and a 32GB storage
  • IP66 Waterproof design
  • HD-Quality
  • Power Consumption(W): 5W
  • IR Distance(m): 40M
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Power source: Solar panel + 18650 battery
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 287mm x 201mm x 172mm
    Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Dimensions -

    Included :

    WIFI package: 1 x Wireless Solar-powered Camera

    WIFI+BATTERY package: 1 x Wireless Solar-powered Camera + batteries

    WIFI+BATTERY+32GB package: 1 x Wireless Solar-powered Camera, batteries and 32 GB SD-card

    Solar-Powered Outdoor Camera - Package -
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