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  • Pain-free

  • Breathable

  • Waterproof

  • Translucent

  • Organic ingredients

Remove skin tags, moles and warts in a painless and easy way using these natural ingredients-based skin care patches.

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Skin tag treatment patches

Do you have skin tags? Would you like to get rid of them once for all? Remove unsightly skin tags using these skin tag removal treatment patches. Using dermatologically tested salicylic formula, the patches remove them with no risk for your skin, making them shrink, dry, and finally fall off. Skin beauty treatment has never been that simple!

Skin tag removal treatment patch - Skin tag treatment patches -

Organic ingredients

Forget about pricey and invasive surgical procedures to get rid of skin tags and other imperfections. Applying these skin patches, you will use the power of natural ingredients that can benefit your skin without side effects.

Organic extracts from plants like Thuja Orientalis, rudbeckia, and tea tree, as well as vitamin E are anti-inflammatory and prevent bacteria proliferation as well as other infections. Let the natural ingredients gradually come off the patch, penetrating your skin pores and taking care of your beauty and health.

Skin tag removal treatment patch - Organic ingredients -


Removing skin imperfections and tags can be really painful and unpleasant. But that’s not the case with these patches. As they are designed just to dry the skin tags, applying them won’t cause you any pain or discomfort.

Give yourself a prime-quality treatment without leaving the comfort of your home. Simply apply these patches wherever you have skin tags you would like to remove. Get rid of them effectively and safely.

Skin tag removal treatment patch - Pain-free -

Multiple uses

Applicable for all skin types and safe, these patches can be used on any skin area. Apply them on your face, eyelids, breasts, neck, armpits, groin area, and other delicate parts of your skin as they won’t irritate it. Remove skin tags, acne, dark and light moles as well as big and small warts. Have access to a wide range of skincare using only one carefully designed product.

Skin tag removal treatment patch - Multiple uses -

Safe and easy

The application process couldn't be easier - just wash and dry the part of your skin that needs treatment. Then stick the patch and leave it for up to 12 hours. A patch should be applied twice a day until the wart or tag is completely dry and falls off.

Leaving the patch on the skin for all day won’t be difficult thanks to its waterproof design and strong stickiness. You won’t even notice you have it, thanks to its neutral color and breathable texture - all for your comfort!

Skin tag removal treatment patch - Safe and easy -

Technical characteristics :

  • Package size: 13.5 cm x 9.6 cm x 1 cm
  • Item weight (including package): 21 g
  • Large patch size: 12 mm
  • Small patch size: 8 mm
    Skin tag removal treatment patch - Dimensions -

    Included :

    36 pcs x 12 mm skin patches

    72 pcs x 8 mm skin patches

    Skin tag removal treatment patch - Package -
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