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  • Produces excellent grafting results

  • Multifunctional design

  • Easy to use

  • Quality build

  • Perfect DIY tool

Looking to increase your plant or fruit yield and quality by grafting, you don't need a specialist before you can achieve perfect results; This garden pruner and grafting tool is precisely what you need.

Professional Garden Grafting Tool - Garden pruner and grafting tool - Plant Grafting Pruner Tool

Produces Excellent Grafting Results

Do you have a garden? Or maybe you have just a small patch of land where you grow fruits, flowers, and the like. That counts too! If you do, then you perfectly understand the intensity of effort that it takes to maintain the garden. It could be frustrating to discover that your garden is still not yielding as you would like after investing so much effort and time. To solve this challenge, people often opt for grafting as a solution to improve their yield. However, for grafting to give you the kind of results you want to see, it has to be done correctly.

If you're looking to explore grafting as a yield-enhancing option, this garden pruner, and grafting tool is exactly what you need. This tool has a design that ensures you will always get excellent grafting results from your attempts.

Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Produces Excellent Grafting Results -

Multifunctional Design

If you were thinking, "Oh, this is just another of those common plant grafting tools," you'd be very, very wrong. Why? It's simple; really, this particular garden grafting tool is anything but common. This is because it is not just a grafting tool, thanks to its multifunctional design. In addition to being a very useful grafting tool, this device is also an excellent pruner! This simply means that you get to have a wonderful tool that you can use to carry out your pruning and grafting activities.

Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Multifunctional Design -

Easy to Use

One great thing about this garden pruning and grafting tool is that it is very easy to use. This makes what should have normally been a tedious grafting exercise somewhat convenient. To use this tool, simply follow the steps below:
- Use the grafter part of the tool to make a groove in the plant you want to graft to.
- Use the same grafting part of the tool to cut and shape the part of the plant you are grafting from.
- You then simply fit the plant pieces together and bind them to ensure they stay put. This will allow the plant to heal and integrate that part you just grafted in.
- After this, you can use the pruner part of the tool to cut away unneeded plant parts such as branches and leaves.

Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Easy to Use -

Quality Build

Another reason you should consider getting this garden pruner and grafting tool is the fact that it has a high-quality build. This quality build makes the tool very durable and sturdy. It has very sharp and strong blades that ensure you will be able to use it to cut and pruner without worrying about the blades breaking. Your cuts will also be very "clean." In the event that the blade does break, this tool's design also ensures that you will be able to replace the broken blade easily.

Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Quality Build -

Perfect DIY tool

DIY-ers often face one major issue: not having the exact tools or suitable replacements to carry out some projects. If you're a gardening DIY-er, however, you should find this garden pruner and grafter a perfect DIY tool for your gardening projects since it produces effective results and it is also easy to use

Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Perfect DIY tool -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Carbon steel, ABS and Aluminium
  • Colour: Black, Red, Green, Orange
  • Diameter of cut grafting stem: 5mm - 1.4 cm/ 0,4 " 0,55"
  • Cutting blade thickness: 3mm
    Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Professional Garden Grafting Tool

    1 x Grafting Tape (2cm wide, 100m long)

    1 x Knife holder

    3 x Blades

    Garden Pruner & Grafting Tool - Package -
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