Powerful truck horn for cars

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  • Loud and clear

  • Waterproof

  • Durable material

  • Easy to install

  • Suitable for most cars

Be noticed on the road, be heard and surprise everyone with this powerful electric snail horn.

Powerful truck horn for car │ Car accessories │ Electric snail horn -

Powerful snail horn for cars

Are you looking for a fun way to honk your horn? Do you want to be louder than everyone else on the road? This truck horn is loud enough to surprise anyone standing close to your car! If you want to be seen and heard on the road, this is it!

This powerful car horn gives you the ability to honk like a train or truck. It's the horn that everyone will hear and will make them want to find out more about your car.

Powerful truck horn for cars - Powerful snail horn for cars -

Loud and clear sound

This is one of the loudest horns for cars available on the market. This horn sounds just like a train and will turn heads as you roll by. It’s designed to make you stand out. A single horn has a sound power of 150db. Used as a set of two, the accessories will give you an incredible sound power of approximately 300db. The best choice for brave ones who don’t fear being loud.

It works great to alert other drivers before you make a turn. It is louder than an air horn, which also makes it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists as they will hear you alerting them with the snail horn.

Powerful truck horn for cars - Loud and clear sound -

Easy to install

Tuning your car with this unique car horn is easier than you imagine. With minimal effort, you can easily install it on your vehicle by yourself. It won’t take you more than an hour. You don’t need any extra tools thanks to the installation accessories included in the kit.

Powerful truck horn for cars - Easy to install -

Suitable for most vehicles

Thanks to its easy-to-install and universal design, this powerful electric car horn can fit most cars' systems. You can easily connect your horn to the battery of your car. Thanks to its design, it’s perfect for regular cars, trucks, pickup trucks, utility vehicles, vans, commercial vehicles, mobile homes or anything else with a 12-volt power supply.

Powerful truck horn for cars - Suitable for most vehicles -

Durable materials

Made of sturdy, waterproof and resistant materials - ABS and metal, this horn is designed to resist rust. Go ahead and give it use as it won’t tarnish or rust. It is designed to withstand all climates, from blazing heat to blizzards.

Thanks to its original design, it will be a great accessory to give an extra touch to your car. It’s compact and lightweight yet powerful. The snail-like shape together with a mini-compressor will contribute to producing the unique, strong sound you’re looking for.

Powerful truck horn for cars - Durable materials -

Technical characteristics :

  • Item size: 4,5 cm x 9 cm x 7 cm
  • Mounting bracket length: 8.2 cm
  • Bolt diameter: 1 cm
  • Support vehicle power: 12V
  • Item color: Red & black
  • Material: Metal + ABS
  • Volume coefficient: 300db
  • Item Weight: 240g
    Powerful truck horn for cars - Dimensions -

    Included :

    2 x Snail horns

    1 x Installation kit

    1 x User's manual

    Powerful truck horn for cars - Package -
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