Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush

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  • Comprehensive Cleaning

  • Eco-friendly

  • Easy Storage

  • Removable Brush Head

  • Ergonomic Handle Design

Enjoy quality deep and effective cleaning results with this wooden cleaning brush that's eco-friendly.

Pot Cleaning Brush - Eco-friendly Bamboo Brush - long-handled Cleaning Brush with sisal fibres -

Comprehensive Cleaning

Have you ever tried cleaning or washing your pot with a sponge? If you have then you'll be well familiar with the fact that not only can it be very stressful, but your chances of achieving perfect cleaning results are also very slim, especially if the pot has food materials sticking to it.

With this wooden brush, however, you will be able to enjoy comprehensive cleaning results. This is because this cleaning brush is specifically designed for washing and scrubbing pots; so you'll be able to use it to easily dislodge any stain that may be sticking to your pot. The natural sisal fibres are perfect for removing stubborn food.

Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Comprehensive Cleaning -

Quality Build

Another reason why you should consider getting this wooden cleaning brush is that it has a high-quality build One problem usually encountered with cleaning brushes is that they tend to break easily. There is also the fact that some of them tend to have their brush bristles dislodging easily.

Thanks to its quality build, however, this wooden cleaning brush with natural fibres is perfectly durable and sturdy so it won't break while you're using it, even when you use it with significant force. The bristles are also well attached so you won't have pieces of the bristles falling out when you're using it.

Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Quality Build -

Easy Storage

In addition to offering comprehensive cleaning results and having a quality build, this wooden cleaning brush is also easy to store. Instead of you having to start thinking of creating new storage spaces in your home so you'll be able to store the cleaning brush, it has a hole that makes storage easy.

With this design, you'll be able to hang the cleaning brush where you want in your kitchen or storage room.

Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Easy Storage -

Removable Brush Head

Usually, when you have used a cleaning brush for some time, you'll find that the brush bristles become very weak. Some may even become deformed and bent out of shape making it difficult to use the brush to achieve the excellent cleaning results you desire. Normally when this happens, you'll have to go get a new brush.

This brush, however, has removable brush heads that help to ensure you can just swap out an old brush head for a new one without any issues. That means you won't have to spend extra getting a totally new brush, all you'll have to do is change the brush head. This removable brush head design also ensures that you will be able to detach the brush part and use it directly for scrubbing, particularly when the stain is pretty tough and you don't want to risk breaking the brush's stick. How convenient!

Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Removable Brush Head -

Ergonomic Handle Design

Comfort is a very important factor to consider when using any tool or item and the same also applies to brushes. Usually, what determines the result in using a brush is how well you are able to use it and this in turn depends on how firmly you can grip it. This wooden cleaning brush has an ergonomic handle design that ensures you'll be able to hold and grip it well while you're using it; thereby, ensuring that it doesn't slip out of your hands easily.

Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Ergonomic Handle Design -

Technical characteristics :

  • Option: Brush, Replacement Brush Head
  • Material: Wooden, sisal fibres
  • Brush handle length: 23.5 cm (9.3 in)
  • Brush head diametre: 4.3 cm (1.7 in)
  • Brush head height: 4 cm
  • Brush bristles total width: 6.5 cm
    Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Dimensions -

    Included :

    Brush variant: 1 x brush handle + 1 x brush head

    Replacement head variant: 2 x brush head





    Eco-Friendly Scrubbing Brush - Package -

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