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  • Good quality

  • Great gift idea

  • Lightweight

  • Multi-functional

  • Easy to store

Ensure you always have every type of nail clipper you need with this portable manicure set.

Portable Manicure Set - 12/16pcs Nail Clippers Portable Set - 12/16pc Manicure Cutters set -

Made of High-Quality Materials

The quality of a tool directly impacts its effectiveness and durability. A tool made of substandard or weak materials will have limited use. It can also result in eventual wastage of money and will require replacement. However, this manicure set is made of high-quality stainless steel, which gives it outstanding anti-rust properties. This high-quality steel build also makes the tools in this manicure set sturdy, sharp, and efficient to use.

Portable Manicure Set - Made of High-Quality Materials -

Great Gift Idea

This portable nail clipper set is also a very valuable gift option for a variety of people. You could give a set to your mother, father, sister, brother and even your friends. The manicure set's multi-functional and durable design ensures it'll always be appreciated by people you gift it to.

Portable Manicure Set - Great Gift Idea -

Lightweight and Portable

Usually, one major problem with some tools is that they aren't very portable. This is something every manufacturer should consider critically. This is because it doesn't matter how valuable the tool is; it will discourage use if it's too heavy. However, this nail clipper set offers you access to a wide variety of manicure tools in a lightweight, portable package. The nail cutter set's lightness also ensures that you can easily take it along everywhere you go and even when you're travelling.

Portable Manicure Set - Lightweight and Portable -

Multi-functional Nail Clipping Set

Have you ever wanted to cut or trim your nails but just couldn't quite find a perfectly sized tool to do the job? Or maybe you wanted to treat your nails to a self-performed manicure at home, but you couldn't find the appropriate tools. Well, you're not alone. Many have to make do with a generic-sized, less-than-perfect tool to meet their manicure needs, at home or anywhere else. But this doesn't have to be the case!

This manicure set features several tools you need for the perfect manicure treatment (12 or 16 depending on the set you order). All of these tools are unique and have different functions, so you're likely to find a tool perfect for your manicure needs. Cool, right?

Portable Manicure Set - Multi-functional Nail Clipping Set -

Easy to Store

Usually, when you have a toolset made up of plenty of individual items, it could be pretty challenging to find the perfect storage spot for them. This is because you'll have to consider storing them so that none of these individual pieces goes missing. This is why this multifunctional nail clipper set comes with a handy storage bag. This storage pouch has different storage spaces for each item, meaning each item in the pack gets a space.

This means that instead of worrying about where to keep 12/16 individual items safely, all you have to do is arrange them in the pouch in their appropriate locations. And then you just put the pouch where it'll be easily accessible. The storage pouch also makes it easy to tell if you're missing an item in the set since its space would be empty.

Portable Manicure Set - Easy to Store -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Kit Type: 12pcs or 16pcs
  • Colour: Mint Green, Blue, Rose gold, Lemon yellow, Lavender purple
  • Approx. size: 29cm x 12cm/29cm x 14 cm
    Portable Manicure Set - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Nail Clipper Portable Set with 12 or 16 pieces

    1 x Case

    Portable Manicure Set - Package -
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    Roxanne McIntosh
    Manicure sets

    Purchased the manicure sets as Christmas gifts for my granddaughters, they loved them.