Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack

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  • Lightweight

  • Dry clothes fast

  • Easy to move

  • Electric heater

  • Clothes rack

Dry your clothes faster & easier with this handy clothes rack with an included heater.

Portable electric clothes dryer | clothes dryer and rack | portable clothing rack with heater -

Convenient Clothes Drying Rack

You might have been in this situation. You've spilt something on your work clothes. You need to use those clothes the next day. You wash them and hang them out to dry, but then it starts to rain. You bring the clothes in and hang them on a door handle. But the next morning, they're still damp!

Avoid this and similar situations with this handy clothes dryer. You get a useful clothes rack, with plenty of space to hang your clothes out to dry. But it also comes with a small but effective heater! Get the heater going and even the thickest coats and towels will be dry in under 3 hours! How’s that for convenience?

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Convenient Clothes Drying Rack -

900W Electric Heater

Some climates just aren’t any good for drying clothes. Many places have high humidity levels, which means your clothes will take ages to dry after you wash them. Clothes dryers are also expensive to purchase, and they use a lot of electricity. This clothes dryer is a great alternative. The little heater cranks out 900W of heat, which is plenty to warm up and circulate the air inside the clothes rack’s cover.

You can program the heater to run from 30 minutes up to 3 hours. It will automatically turn off after that time, so you won’t need to worry about your clothes overheating. The fan will keep the air circulating and will make sure the air stays at a constant temperature inside the cover. Make sure you don’t cover the heater or the air vents while you’re running the heater.

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - 900W Electric Heater -

Portable Clothes Rack

This clothes dryer is lightweight and portable. The thin metal tubes with their connectors can be quickly set up for easy use. The rack has a cover that slides easily over the frame and then zips up. Protect your clothes from dust and insects while you’re drying them. This way of drying your clothes is also more hygienic than just air-drying them. Why? The heat will kill bacteria and other germs, leaving your clothes clean and sterilised.

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Portable Clothes Rack -

Gentle on Your Clothes

This way of heating and drying your clothes is also better for them. Why? Normal clothes dryers create a lot of static when they spin dry the clothes. A spin dryer can also damage them if your clothes have sharp buttons or zips. These can rub against other clothes and pull holes in them. Avoid damaging your clothes by using this safer drying system! Since they don't move while you're drying them, they won't get damaged. How great is that?

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Gentle on Your Clothes -

Doubles as a Wardrobe

This handy clothes dryer can also double as extra storage! If you won’t need to dry your clothes for a while, you can easily hang your clothes here. You can move the lightweight clothes rack around your home as you need to. The rack is 1.5 metres tall, so it will fit even long dresses, trousers, etc. The protective zip-up cover is perfect for storing clothes safely inside.

Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Doubles as a Wardrobe -

Technical characteristics :

  • Height :150 cm, Width: 75 cm, Depth: 48 cm
  • Cover colour: purple
  • Material: Metal, ABS, cloth
  • Heater power: 900W
    Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Electric heater with power cord

    24 x metal rods

    Plastic connectors

    1 x Fan

    1 x Zip-up cover

    1 x User manual

    Portable Electric Clothes Dryer & Rack - Package -
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