Plush Car Seat Covers

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  • Warm

  • Fluffy

  • Multiuse

  • Non-slip

  • Washable

Stay warm in winter and protect your car seats with these fluffy car seat covers! They're easy to install and are machine washable.

Plush Car Seat Covers - Ozerty

Keep Warm in Winter

Are there cold winters where you live? These plush car seat covers are perfect for wintertime. You won’t have to sit straight on cold leather. Keep warm through the colder months of the year! The seat covers are very thick and soft, like real sheepskin. The woolly feel is very comfortable. Decorate your car with these stylish seat covers. They come in several colours!

The plush car seats have a non-slip silicone surface on the underside. They also come with straps and small buckles to hold them in place. The silicone surface will also ensure they won’t move around on your seat. The plush upside is beautifully fluffy and soft. But it won’t shed bits of hair. Go for comfort and softness this winter!

Plush Car Seat Covers - Keep Warm in Winter - Ozerty

Stay Cool in Summer

What about in the summertime? Do you have to take your plush seat covers off? Absolutely not! You’ve probably been burnt by sitting on hot leather that’s been in the sun for a while. Protect yourself from scorching seats and use the seat covers all year round! They don’t absorb much heat, so they’re much cooler than normal car seats. No more legs sticking to leather seats while you’re wearing shorts.

Plush Car Seat Covers - Stay Cool in Summer - Ozerty

Protect Your Car Seats

Cars are often exposed to all weathers. They can be sitting in strong sunshine for hours at a time. This can damage your car’s interior over time. Seat covers are a great way to protect your car seats. The sun’s rays can dry out leather, causing cracks in the material and fading over time. Cloth seats can also fade and wear out quicker in strong sunshine.

Protective seat covers prevent your car seats from getting damaged. They can also stop spills from penetrating the seat. Please note: these covers are quite thick. So we don’t recommend you install them on the back seat if you also use a child car seat.

Plush Car Seat Covers - Protect Your Car Seats - Ozerty

Easy to Install and Keep Clean

These seat covers are easy to install. Unlike many seat covers, they don’t have straps and bits of elastic that you have to tie up underneath the seat. Rather, they just have two short straps (more for the long back seat cover). They come with a durable round plastic buckle. Slip a strap onto a buckle. Then stick the buckle through the car seat, between the back of the seat and the bottom of the backrest. Do the same for the other strap. They’ll hold the cover in place. The non-slip silicone backing will also ensure the covers stay in place.

The plush car seat covers are completely washable. You can wash or rinse them under the tap or throw them in the washing machine. The plush fabric won’t get damaged. When you’ve washed them and they’re dry, give them a good shaking or blow them with a blow dryer. That will restore the fluffiness of the plush material. If you won’t be using them for a while, you can easily roll them up to store.

Plush Car Seat Covers - Easy to Install and Keep Clean - Ozerty

Use on Other Seats!

Did you know these plush seat covers aren’t just for your car? Many find them so soft and comfortable that they get extras for their office chair, dining chairs, or sofa! Use these fluffy seat covers in your home or at the office. You won’t get sore after sitting in your chair for several hours.

Plush Car Seat Covers - Use on Other Seats! - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

  • Front seat cover dimensions: approx. 45 cm x 45 cm
  • Back seat cover dimensions: 45 cm x 135 cm
  • Colours: black, grey, pink, red, nude
  • Weight: about 1 kg each seat cover
  • Seat cover height: about 5 cm
    Plush Car Seat Covers - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

    Product content:

    1 x car seat cover/car seat cover set






    Plush Car Seat Covers - Product content - Ozerty

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