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  • Excellent Air Purification

  • Intelligent Design

  • Quality Build

  • Rechargeable Design

  • Easy To Clean

Easily and effectively get rid of secondhand smoke and ensure you’re always able to enjoy purified air in your environment with this smart smoke removal ashtray.

Negative Ion Smoke Purifier - Ashtray Air Purifier - Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray -

Excellent Air Purification

Do you live or work in an environment where there’s always secondhand smoke? If you do, then you should be aware that constant exposure could eventually have pretty significant adverse effects on your health. Ideally, the best way to deal with secondhand smoke is to avoid environments where they are present, but this isn’t always possible.

To create the best environment for your lungs and overall health, what you need is a tool to purify the atmosphere. That’s exactly what you get with this smart smoke removal ashtray. With this ashtray, you will be able to easily eliminate secondhand smoke from your environment. So you won’t have to worry about developing any unpleasant health effects from exposure.

Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Excellent Air Purification -

Intelligent Design

There are tons of ashtray options available for sale on the market, so you might be thinking, “What makes this one so special that I should opt for it?” Good question! What you have with most ashtrays is that you’ll only be able to use them for discarding ashes, but they do nothing for the smoke in the air.

This smart ashtray has an intelligent design that ensures you’ll be able to use it to purify your environment. This intelligent design also includes a triple filter feature that more than guarantees you’ll be able to breathe pure, unsullied air. Other intelligent design features include a one-touch start feature and negative ion discharge. It also has a spot for an aromatherapy tablet!

Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Intelligent Design -

Quality Build

Another reason why you should consider getting this smart smoke removal ashtray for yourself is the fact that it has a quality build. Unlike most other ashtrays that tend to be pretty fragile and get deformed easily, this ashtray option is made with high-quality materials. This high-quality build ensures the ashtray will remain in perfect condition and not deform easily, so you’ll have nothing to worry about in that aspect.

Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Quality Build -

Rechargeable Design

In addition to having a quality build that guarantees durability and an intelligent design that makes it pretty easy to use, this smart ashtray is also rechargeable. It has an inbuilt high-capacity lithium battery that ensures the ashtray will remain functional for long periods following a full charge. This long-lasting rechargeable build means you’ll always be able to use the ashtray, irrespective of whether you currently have an electric supply or not. The ashtray also supports USB charging, so you’ll be able to easily recharge it once it’s drained of power.

Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Rechargeable Design -

Easy To Clean

One other advantage this smart smoke removal ashtray has over other conventional ashtray devices is that it is easy to clean. Most other ashtray options usually end up getting dirt stuck in crevices, but this one doesn’t. It has a circular build, and the purifier is removable, so you’ll always be able to easily clean it when you need to.

Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Easy To Clean -

Technical characteristics :

  • Colour: Black, Green, White, Black 2
  • Power: 5W
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Power Source: Battery (included)
  • Charging method: USB Charging
  • Size: 13.6 x 9 cm
    Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Negative Ion Smoke Purifier

    1 x USB charging cable

    Smart Smoke Removal Ashtray - Package -
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