Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover

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  • Perfect For Microwave Use

  • Fall-resistant

  • Food-safe Build

  • Easy To Clean

  • Wide Application

Tired of having to spend long periods cleaning up food splashes from your microwave's interior every time you use it? Ensure you never have to again with this anti-splash microwave protective cover.

Microwave Splash Cover - Microwave Protective Cover with Steam Hole - Anti-splash Microwave Protective Cover -

Perfect For Microwave Use

Do you have a microwave, or do you use one frequently? If you do then you'll know that although microwaves are pretty useful, using them can be quite troublesome too. This is because food tends to spill all over your microwave walls when you're using it. This, of course, means that you'll have to devote extra time and energy to cleaning up your microwave.

The thing is, you don't have to endure these long cleaning processes because there is something you can do. With this anti-splash microwave protective cover, you'll be able to easily ensure food doesn't splash in your microwave while you're using it. Once you use it to cover your food, all the splashes will be contained. So your microwave will remain clean and dry.

Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Perfect For Microwave Use -


Another thing you'll have probably noticed if you have or use a microwave is that microwaves tend to be somewhat fragile appliances. What's more, most of the items designed for use in and with a microwave often share this same fragile feature. This means that if these items should accidentally fall, they are likely to get irreparably damaged, so you'll have to replace them.

Unlike these other microwave items, however, this particular anti-splash microwave protective cover is quite different. This is because it has a durable, fall-resistant build. So in the event that it falls, it'll still remain in excellent working condition.

Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Fall-resistant  -

Food-safe Build

Another thing to consider when you're getting an item that will likely be in direct contact with your food is its build quality. This is because there are a lot of items on the market these days, and they are made with different materials. More often than not, these materials end up leaching into any food that is placed in the container, making it unsafe for consumption.

This is why this anti-splash microwave protective cover is made with quality food-safe materials. So you won't have to be worried about contaminants leaching into your food while it's in the microwave because it will remain in perfect condition. It's made of BPA-free plastic.

Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Food-safe Build -

Easy To Clean

In addition to having a food-safe build and being very durable, this anti-splash microwave protective cover is also easy to clean. Thanks to its high-quality build, you'll be able to easily wash and clean this microwave food cover when you're done using it. It's dishwasher safe, so you'll always be able to easily toss it in for cleaning if you'd rather not wash it manually.

Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Easy To Clean -

Wide Application

One other thing that makes this anti-splash microwave protective cover a perfect option for you is that it is versatile. That's right; it has a wide application design that ensures you'll be able to protect different kinds of food. Don't just use it in the microwave! It's perfect for the benchtop or table as well. You can use it to cover cooked foods, fruits, vegetables, and so on. Keep the flies away from your food with this handy cover.

Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Wide Application -

Technical characteristics :

  • Colour: Red, White, Green
  • Material: PP + PC
  • Size: diameter 26 cm, height 10cm (10.3 x 4 in)
    Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Microwave Protective Cover with Steam Hole (food and plate not included)

    Anti-Splash Microwave Protective Cover - Package -
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    Xandra Kendall

    It works & looks good. I do like the handle. It is very convenient.