Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples

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  • Romantic gift

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  • Set of 2 bracelets

  • Magnetic bracelets

Stay attached to your other half despite the distance with these magnetic bracelets for couples.

magnetic couples bracelets | magnetic linking bracelets for couples | romantic linked bracelet set of two - Ozerty

Magnetic Bracelets

The two bracelets are identical, one for you and the other for the person you love or the one to whom you want to make known your love. But the special feature of these bracelets is that they have a magnetised part which allows them to be connected to each other by magnetic attraction. As soon as the two bracelets are close together, the magnetic clip will link the two bracelets together!

Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Magnetic Bracelets - Ozerty

Meaning of the Distance Bracelet

Couple bracelets or distance bracelets are identical jewellery items designed to be shared with your loved one. They allow you to stay connected with your loved one despite the distance that may separate you on a daily basis. Just like a wedding ring for married couples, combine your spiritual union with a piece of jewellery that is easy to wear on a daily basis.

Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Meaning of the Distance Bracelet - Ozerty

Adjustable Magnetic Bracelets

These special magnetized couple bracelets are designed in one size with a double cord system with an adjustable knot. That means they will fit everyone. You won't have to measure the wrist size of your friend, spouse, husband or wife. This method makes it very easy to put on or take off at any time.

Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Adjustable Magnetic Bracelets - Ozerty

Durable and Resistant

These magnetic bracelets for couples are made of rope and magnetic stainless steel alloy. The manual double cord adjustment does not require any technology or mechanisms, making it a very durable bracelet despite daily use over time. Rightly so, simplicity is an essential virtue for a healthy love union.

Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Durable and Resistant - Ozerty

Romantic Gift

Although the primary meaning of these special bracelets is to remind couples of their love for each other, magnetic bracelets are also worn by friends and family members to keep the bonds between them strong or to enhance a friendship between two people. It is, therefore, an ideal gift for various occasions such as Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, engagements, weddings and more. The symbolism of this bracelet makes it a unique piece of jewellery that will satisfy anyone who is lucky enough to receive it.

Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Romantic Gift - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Rope and aluminium alloy
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Colours: Black, Red, Grey, Beige, Green
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 12 cm - 28 cm
    Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    2x Magnetic torque bracelets






    Set of 2 Magnetic Bracelets for Couples - Package - Ozerty
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    Set di 2 braccialetti magnetici per coppie

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    Set di 2 braccialetti magnetici per coppie