Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt

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  • Breathable

  • Lightweight

  • Adjustable size

  • Designed to improve posture

  • Versatile uses

Use this adjustable lower back traction support belt designed to decompress your lumbar spine and relieve pain.

Lombar decompression belt │ Lower back traction support belt - Ozerty

Back decompression belt

The condition of our spine plays an important role in our quality of life and our general well-being. Backaches can make it difficult or even impossible to work and perform everyday activities. Take care of your spine with this inflatable lumbar support belt, designed to decompress the backbone and relieve pain caused by poor alignment. The innovative decompression therapy used in the belt is designed to let you align your backbone and provide traction and support for your lumbar spine.

Please remember that results may vary depending on each case, so contact your doctor to make sure it fits your needs.

Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Back decompression belt - Ozerty

Designed to improve posture

When the belt inflates, it should retract and extend the lower back. It is also designed to support your backbone and make you feel immediate relief and relaxation because your lower back muscles should stretch, spinal disks and joints should decompress, and your upper body weight should lift off your back.
The belt is designed to strengthen your back, but also help you straighten up and improve your body posture.

Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Designed to improve posture - Ozerty


No matter if you’re going for a walk, heading to your office, staying at home, or you're travelling, take care of your lumbar back wearing your back decompression belt lumbar support under most types of clothes. Thanks to its lightweight design, it won’t be noticed by anyone, and you shouldn't feel it much. Fold it and store in the drawer when you don’t use it, as it doesn’t take much space.

Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Lightweight - Ozerty

Breathable and comfortable

Being scientifically designed, the shape of this lumbar support belt should be ergonomic and comfortable. The built-in atmospheric column supports H-shaped air spaces that should support and pull up the waist, giving you comfort and relief.

Thanks to the breathable cotton cover, this decompression belt should give your skin proper ventilation so that you can wear it even when it’s hot or while you’re busy with your activities.

Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Breathable and comfortable - Ozerty

Versatile uses

Wear this belt while you’re sitting, walking, gardening, working, resting or driving your car. As it’s comfortable, it should fit to your body position, and it's designed to provide proper decompression without disturbing you. The belt comes with an extension belt and can be adapted to a 70 cm - 125 cm waist.

It is designed to give you relief in conditions like sciatica, low back pain, spondylosis, degenerative or herniated disc, low back compression fracture recovery and others. You don’t have back problems, but still you'd like to protect yourself from an injury resulting from a heavy lifting job? Go ahead and use this versatile use belt designed to decompress. In most cases, it brings help and relief, but it's always a good idea to consult your doctor before using it.

Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Versatile uses - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PU + TPU + Cotton
  • Item weight: 726 g
  • Belt length: 115 cm
  • Extension belt length: 25 cm
  • Width before air injection: 14 cm
  • Width after air injection: 20cm
    Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Decompression belt

    1 x Air pump

    1 x Extension pad

    1 x Manual

    Inflatable decompression lumbar support belt - Package - Ozerty
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