Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder

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  • Invisible Laptop Holder

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Easy Discharge of Heat

  • Simple Usage

  • Lightweight Materials

Get the perfect angle on your laptop with this lightweight invisible aluminium laptop holder.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminum Laptop Holder - Ergonomic Design - Simple -

Invisible Laptop Holder

The invisible laptop holder will help you maintain a better posture while working or studying. Improving your posture may relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain. This can also help with headaches and sore feelings in your body. Leaving you refreshed and more efficient throughout the day. Place your laptop in your preferred angle with this smart user-friendly laptop holder. It is now designed with a modified and new version of the bracket. You can operate it with one hand. Allow yourself to feel better and more refreshed. Get more energy while doing daily chores and working.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Invisible Laptop Holder -

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed with the choice of two different heights. The low angle makes your unit rise by 5cm. This is enough for your wrists to feel a change and a relief. No more sore wrists while working on your laptop. The slightest change can make the biggest difference in your wrists. The high angle increases the height by 8cm. This allows you to straighten your back even further. It also gives you a better angle for when you want to show or watch something on your laptop. It is proven that frequent changes to posture and wrists, are healthy and will improve your work environment. Give yourself the best chances to succeed.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Ergonomic Design -

Easy Discharge of Heat

Materials of 100% aluminium alloy allow the heat to leave your computer. The air can freely circulate which prevents your laptop from overheating. This is the best solution for any technical device. An extra feature of the Invisible laptop holder is that you can remove it and reuse it on other units. No need to buy more or new laptop holders just because you used them on one of your laptops. It is super practical and efficient. If it by any reason gets dirty you can rinse and dry it to use it again.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Easy Discharge of Heat -

Simple Usage

Simply wipe the laptop area where you wish to place the laptop holder. Let the area dry again. Then put the 3M double-sided adhesive on the laptop and press, leave it for a few minutes. Now you are ready to go. First, you open the high stand, so it becomes a high angle. To use the lower angle, you retract the high stand and leave the low stand up. The laptop holder will not leave marks or other residues on your unit. It provides you with easy and simple use. At the same time, it can bring you relief and comfort to your sore wrist, your neck, and your back.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Simple Usage  -

Lightweight Materials

With the usage of lightweight materials, you will not even realize that you are carrying the laptop holder around with you. It barely weighs anything and is still able to hold so much. Stick it to your laptop or unit and “forget” about it. Just open and close it when you need it. The materials are strong and sturdy too. They can hold up to 25kg! Furthermore, the rubber feet keep the laptop steady and stable. It will not leave marks on your table or desk. It won´t make any squeaky sounds when you use it.

Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Lightweight Materials -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: ABS + 3M double-sided adhesive
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 3cm x 0.6cm
  • Weight: 40g
    Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Aluminium Laptop Holder






    Lightweight Invisible Aluminium Laptop Holder - Package -
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    Ottimo prodotto, doppia altezza, molto comodo, consigliato a chi cerca un sostegno pressoché invisibile.. Per pc..!!!!