Levitating air pot plant

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  • Automatic 360° rotation

  • Magnetic Levitation

  • Energy-saving

  • Purifies air

  • High bearing capacity

Decorate your office, bedroom or living room with this elegant, geodesic form levitating plant pot.

Levitating air plant pot│Magnetic floating plant pot│Suspension floating pot - Ozerty

360° plant rotation

Different plants need enough sunlight to grow. One of the problematic with houseplants is that they grow unevenly because the daylight only reaches them only from one side.

This floating plant pot provides a great solution and alternative with automatic 360-degree rotation of the plant while it is floating in the air, so it can receive enough sunlight from all the angles and thrive.
Moreover this rotative design will add an innovative decoration touch to your home.

Levitating air pot plant - 360° plant rotation - Ozerty

Resistant and versatile

The floating plant pot and its base are durable with high density plastic and alloy.
The pot is designed to withstand contact with moist soil and plant roots, allowing you to enjoy your interior decorating item for a long time and protect your furniture from leakage.

Add nature to your interior decoration with a wide variety of plant such as bonsai or flowers as the rotative floating pot has a bearing capacity of 300g enough for various range of plants.

Levitating air pot plant - Resistant and versatile - Ozerty

Easy to use

This levitating plant pot is totally user friendly.
First you need to put the plant in soil and make sure that it is placed in the center of the pot to keep it balanced. Then connect it to the socket and your plant will levitate and rotate automatically. Place it in on a flat table, on your kitchen bar or any decorative place.

Levitating air pot plant - Easy to use - Ozerty

Small and compact

Not everyone has a large usable space at their disposal. If your office or bedroom is small but you still do not want to give up ornamental plants, this floating plant pot is a good choice for you.

The base size is only 13.5 cm x 13.5 cm and the size of the pot is 9cm x 5cm which makes it compact enough for any space even if you only have a small shelf, desk or bedside table.
Moreover you can carry it easily to bring it to a party, a special dinner or on holidays to keep care of your favourite plant. When not in use, store it with ease in a closet or any drawer.

Levitating air pot plant - Small and compact - Ozerty

Unique design

This levitating plant pot is designed to combine minimalistic elegance with modern interior decoration solutions.
It uses sensors and magnets to keep the pot suspended in the air and create the impression that it is floating steadily.

The pot is levitating about 2 cm over the base and it has a unique geodesic form. It creates an extraordinary impression that is difficult to take your eyes off of - you will surprise everyone who visits your home or office.

Levitating air pot plant - Unique design - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Size of the pot (L x H): 9cm x 5cm
  • Size of the base (L x H): 13,4cm x 2,8cm
  • Levitating space: 2cm
  • Power supply: 12V 2A
  • Bearing Capacity: up to 300g
  • Materials: High density Plastic, Alloy
  • Plant rotation angle: 360°
    Levitating air pot plant - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Plant base

    1 x Pot

    1 x Power adapter

    Levitating air pot plant - Package - Ozerty
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