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  • Efficient

  • Wide application

  • Easy to use

  • Safe

  • Portable

Blunt kitchen knives? Not a problem! Safely and efficiently sharpen your kitchen knives with this kitchen knife sharpener.

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Knife Sharpening Tool - Suction-base Knife Sharpener



Kitchen knives are essential cooking appliances. If you cook, then you will be able to relate with the fact that there is always be something to cut, slice or dice during every cooking process. Cooking can be difficult or even frustrating to do when all you have to work with are blunt knives. This is why knife sharpeners are very important. There are several different knife sharpeners available for sale; however, this particular one stands out.

This is because this one is very efficient to use. With this knife sharpener, you will be able to easily and quickly sharpen your knives, and the result will be excellent!

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Efficient -

Wide Application

With knife sharpeners, what you’ll find most of the time are models specifically made for a certain knife type and size. Any deviation from the recommended specifications could result in damage to the knife sharpener or to your knife. This means that people often have to get different knife sharpeners for their knives and some others even have to make do with blunt knives.

With this suction-base kitchen knife sharpener, however, you won’t have to. This is because this particular knife sharpener has a wide application range. You will be able to use this knife sharpener to sharpen your fruit knife, boning knife, chef knife and even your butcher knife! This sharpener, however, is not suitable for ceramic knives, so refrain from using it to sharpen them.

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Wide Application -

Easy To Use

This knife sharpening tool also has another advantage: it is very easy to use. This ensures you’ll have easy and convenient access to sharp knives for your kitchen functions. To use this sharpener, simply follow the steps below:
- Fix the knife sharpener on the surface you want to use it.
- Pull down the security handle and place the knife into the “sharpening groove.”
- Then you simply drag the blade back and forth about three-four times.
That’s all! You now have a well-sharpened knife, so be sure to use it carefully!

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Easy To Use -


One factor that really contributes to the success of this knife sharpener is the fact that it is safe to use. A common problem with using knife sharpeners is the fact they tend to slip while you’re using them. This, of course, means you might not be able to achieve perfect knife sharpening effects, and it also greatly increases the potential for possibilities of cuts and stab injuries.
This knife sharpener, however, has a suction-style base that ensures you will be able to firmly fix this knife sharpener on any surface and use it without worrying about it slipping.

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Safe -


Do you love to go camping? Or maybe you just enjoy those outdoor grill events. If you do, then you should definitely consider getting this knife sharpener for yourself. It has a portable design that ensures you will be able to carry it wherever you’re going easily as it does not take up much space. Its suction base also ensures that it’ll be very easy and convenient for you to use.

Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Portable -

Technical characteristics :

  • Metal Type: Carbon Steel
  • Body Material: BPA-free ABS Plastic
  • Sharpening Method: Pull through
  • Slot Material: Tungsten Steel
  • Colour: Red, Blue, Green
    Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x knife sharpener tool

    Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Package -
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    Grant Koehler (Sydney, CA)
    Knife sharpener

    Best sharpener I have ever used bought one several years ago and still using
    Bought a couple for Christmas presents