High pressure dual-function water cleaner

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  • 4000 PSI Power
  • Rotary Attachment
  • High-Efficiency Nozzles
  • Lightweight Design
  • Safe for Various Surfaces

Experience the power of our High pressure dual-function water cleaner, your solution for effortlessly tackling tough outdoor stains and dirt. With its 4000 PSI strength, lightweight design, and safe, efficient rotary attachment, it's the ideal tool for rejuvenating various surfaces with precision and ease.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Ozerty

Unleash Deep Cleaning Power

Dealing with stubborn stains, dirt, and grime on outdoor surfaces can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often requiring excessive effort and the use of harsh chemicals. The pressure washer surface cleaner offers a powerful solution to this problem with its 4000 PSI strength, effectively penetrating and lifting years of dirt and stains from surfaces like driveways, patios, and decks. This tool not only simplifies the cleaning process but also provides a deep, thorough clean without the need for strenuous scrubbing or harmful chemicals, making it an efficient and eco-friendly choice for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your outdoor areas.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Unleash Deep Cleaning Power - Ozerty

Enhanced Uniformity and Speed

The rotary attachment feature of this surface cleaner is designed to enhance the cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. As the cleaner moves across the surface, the rotary action spins the nozzles at a high speed, creating a uniform cleaning pattern that covers a wide area quickly. This action helps to eliminate streaking and ensures an even clean, reducing the time and effort required compared to standard washing methods. The rotary mechanism is particularly beneficial for cleaning flat surfaces, where consistent pressure and coverage are key to achieving optimal results.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Enhanced Uniformity and Speed - Ozerty

Revolutionize Your Cleaning with High Pressure

The High-Efficiency Nozzles on the 8 meters/15-Inch pressure washer surface cleaner are meticulously engineered to maximize water flow and pressure, resulting in a more effective and faster cleaning process. These nozzles are designed to concentrate the water flow, creating a powerful jet stream that can dislodge and wash away dirt, algae, and stains with remarkable efficiency. The precision of these nozzles ensures that water is utilized optimally, reducing waste and enhancing the cleaning power of the unit. This efficiency not only speeds up the cleaning process but also contributes to water conservation, as the targeted spray uses less water to achieve thorough cleaning results compared to standard nozzles.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Revolutionize Your Cleaning with High Pressure  - Ozerty

Effortless Handling and Enhanced Portability

Despite its robust cleaning capabilities, this driveway pressure washer is engineered with a lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver during cleaning tasks. The reduced weight minimizes user fatigue, allowing for longer cleaning sessions without discomfort. A lightweight design is crucial for residential users who may not have the strength or stamina for heavy equipment. It also enhances the cleaner's portability, enabling users to easily move it from one location to another or store it without strain.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Effortless Handling and Enhanced Portability - Ozerty

The Surface Cleaner That Protects While It Cleans

Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to high-pressure cleaning, and this pressure washer surface cleaner is designed to be safe for a variety of surfaces. While its 4000 PSI power is more than capable of tackling tough dirt, the cleaner is also designed to prevent damage to the surfaces being cleaned. Whether you're cleaning delicate wood decks, concrete driveways, or tiled patios, the surface cleaner's design ensures that the high-pressure water cleans effectively without causing harm. This makes it a versatile tool that can be confidently used across a range of outdoor cleaning applications.

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - The Surface Cleaner That Protects While It Cleans - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Material: Metal+plastic

Size: 45.5 x 15.4inch | 115.57 x 39.116 cm

Nozzles Connector-1/4 inch standard size

The Maximum Pressure- 4000 PSI

Maximum operating temperature- 60°

Straight extension wand- 2x 16inch | 5.08 x 40.64cm

Curved wand (90 degree) - 1x 15inch | 2.54 x 38.1 cm

Output Power- <1000W

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1x High pressure dual-function water cleaner

1x Water gun

1x Wash disc

1 x 1 or 2 connectors

High pressure dual-function water cleaner - Product content - Ozerty

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