Forest Wood Japanese Knife

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Style: Paring Knife
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  • Forest Wood Knives
  • 48 Layers Damascus Steel
  • Perfect Balance
  • Symmetrical Edge
  • Pakka Wood Handle

Experience the zenith of knife crafting with the Forest Wood Japanese Knife. Embodies the fusion of meticulous Japanese craftsmanship and innovative German engineering, offering a cutting experience that is both precise and luxurious.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Ozerty

10 set knives

Forest Wood Japanese Knife's exquisite 10 range of knives, including the Japanese knife set, santoku knife, Japanese chef knife, and kiritsuke knife, exemplifies the brand's mastery over the art of Japanese knife crafting. Each knife in the set is engineered for a specific purpose, providing unparalleled versatility and precision. The santoku knife, known for its three virtues—slicing, dicing, and mincing—complements, often referred to as the Japanese chef knife, which is versatile for its ability to handle large cuts of meat and vegetables with equal finesse. The kiritsuke knife, traditionally reserved for the master chef, combines the functionalities of a slicer and a vegetable knife, making it a unique and prized tool in the culinary arsenal. This comprehensive set not only fulfills every culinary requirement but also celebrates the rich heritage of Japanese blade-making.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - 10 set knives  - Ozerty

Layers of Excellence

Incorporating 48 layers of steel, the Forest Wood knife's blade exemplifies the pinnacle of layering technology, which significantly amplifies its hardness and flexibility. The multilayer steel fortifies the blade against the impacts of daily kitchen use, ensuring that it remains resilient against chips and nicks. The additional layers help in maintaining the knife's integrity over many years of use, making it a worthy investment for both professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Layers of Excellence - Ozerty

Cutting Precision

The Forest Wood Japanese Knife is a paragon of supreme sharpness, a crucial attribute for any premium knife. Each blade is crafted using high-grade FC61 steel, allowing it to achieve a meticulous sharp edge that promises unparalleled precision in every cut. The traditional Japanese Honbazuke honing method further refines this sharpness, involving a three-step process that sharpens and polishes the blade to a scalpel-like edge. This extreme sharpness enhances the culinary experience by enabling effortless slicing through tough and delicate ingredients alike, ensuring clean cuts without tearing or bruising the food. For chefs and home cooks, this means enhanced flavor and presentation, making every meal a masterpiece.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Cutting Precision - Ozerty

Harmony of Precision

The symmetrical edge of the Forest Wood Japanese Knife represents the pinnacle of blade engineering, reflecting a flawless balance and uniform cutting ability. This feature is critical for achieving consistent slices and maintaining the integrity of ingredients, which is essential in professional cooking and aesthetically pleasing presentations. The 19-degree symmetrical edge angle is meticulously crafted to ensure maximum sharpness while maintaining durability, allowing for precision cutting on both straight and complex cuts. This design not only improves the functional utility of the knife but also enhances its longevity, ensuring that it remains a reliable tool in the kitchen for years to come.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Harmony of Precision - Ozerty

Eternal Grip

Crafted from high-quality Pakka wood, the handle of each Forest Wood Japanese knife in the series is designed to withstand the rigors of both home and professional kitchens. Pakka wood is renowned for its exceptional resistance to moisture and its robustness, making it an ideal material for knife handles that demand durability and hygiene. The ergonomic design of the handle ensures it fits comfortably in the hand, providing a secure grip even in wet conditions, which enhances safety and control during use. This durability ensures that each knife not only stands the test of time but also maintains its aesthetic appeal, making forest wood knives a blend of practicality and luxury in kitchen tools.

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Eternal Grip - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Variants: Chef Knife | Bread Knife | Slicing Knife | Big Santoku Knife | Small Santoku Knife | Paring Knife | Cleaver Knife | Boning Knife | Kiritsuke Knife | Utility Knife | Set of 10 Knives

Materials: FC61 steel core, 48-layer Damascus steel

Handle: Pakka wood

Hardness: Approximately 61 Rockwell

Chef Knife- 20.32 cm x 8 inch

Bread Knife- 20.32 cm x 8 inch

Slicing Knife- 20.32 cm x 8 inch

Big Santoku Knife-17.78 cm x 7 inch

Small Santoku Knife- 12.7 cm x 5 inch

Paring Knife- 8.89 cm x 3.5 inch

Cleaver Knife- 20.32 cm x 8 inch

Boning Knife- 15.24 cm x 6 inch

Kiritsuke Knife- 20.32 cm x 8 inch

Utility Knife- 12.7 cm x 5 inch

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1x Chef Knife

1x Bread Knife

1x Slicing Knife

 1x Big Santoku Knife

1x Small Santoku Knife

1x Paring Knife

1x Cleaver Knife

1x Boning Knife

1x Kiritsuke Knife

1x Utility Knife

10 pcs Forest Wood Japanese Knives Set

Forest Wood Japanese Knife - Product content - Ozerty

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