Multi-functional Electric Face Massager

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  • Multi-functional

  • Needle-less acupuncture

  • Easy to use

  • Portable

  • Safe

Enjoy deep tissue massaging and get rid of facial wrinkles with this multi-functional portable face massager.

Face Massager -  Anti-Ageing Face Massager - Electric Multifunctional Face Massager  -

Multiple Functions

For the most part, facial wrinkles can be pretty challenging to get rid of. This is usually because of several causes or factors leading to facial wrinkles forming. Chief among these wrinkle-causing factors is stress. Unfortunately, as you probably know, it's almost impossible to eliminate stress from daily life. So the best that can be achieved is developing some sort of coping mechanism.

Although wrinkles are challenging to get rid of, there are several treatment options available. The treatment options range from applying different facial scrubs and peels to skin tightening surgery. The thing is that wrinkle treatment doesn't have to involve applying different sorts of chemicals on your face or even a solution as extreme as surgery. This massager could easily provide you with the results you want to see. And it could even do more than help you get rid of wrinkles. How?

This face massager has three distinct functions. Ion technology to repair and tighten skin, a self-healing feature for enhanced skin healing, as well as a face massage feature which helps to improve your attractiveness and overall facial health. This means you're getting three devices in one.

Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Multiple Functions -

Needle-less Acupuncture

Although this tool relies on the effective manipulation of acupuncture points via stimulation, it does not involve the use of acupuncture needles, so no skin piercing is required. Instead of acupuncture pins, this facial massage tool makes use of electrical pulses. These electrical pulses are responsible for stimulating the body's acupuncture points to promote skin repair and regeneration.

Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Needle-less Acupuncture -

Easy To Use

Another advantage this skin massager offers you is that it's easy to use. To use the device, all you have to do is press the device against the damaged or wrinkled part of your face, and the device will be activated and begin to release the regenerative electric pulses. Also, the only thing the device needs to function is one AAA battery.
Step-by-step instructions on using this device are as follows:
Remove the battery cover and put in a single AAA battery.
Apply your desired lotion or essence to the wrinkles around your eyes or lips.
Place the device in contact with the wrinkled or damaged part of your face. Once the facial massage device's head makes contact with the skin of your face, this instrument will begin to work automatically.
After each usage, ensure to wipe down the massage head with a towel or tissue. This ensures the device remains in perfect condition.
See? Simple!

Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Easy To Use -


This massaging tool is compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic design. This ensures that you can easily carry it wherever you're going. You can even include it in your backpack or luggage when you want to travel.

Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Portable -


When it comes to healing and treatment methods, the measure of safety associated with each method is of utmost importance. This massaging wand is a low-risk treatment method, and it has relatively no side effects, unlike other treatment methods.

Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Safe -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: plastic
  • Function: Anti Wrinkle
  • Power Source: AAA Battery (not included)
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Colors: White and Pink
    Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Massage Device

    Multi-functional Electric Face Massager - Package -
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