Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids

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  • Cute design

  • Food-grade bristles

  • 5 Brushing modes

  • Automatic shutdown

  • Waterproof design

Turn your daily routine of brushing your child´s teeth into something fun with this electric u-shaped toothbrush for kids

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - 5 Brushing Modes - Waterproof -

Cute U-Shaped Toothbrush

Can you imagine a scenario where your kids love to brush their teeth? It is difficult but, this cute toothbrush will make exactly this dream come true! This cute electric toothbrush for Kids will catch their attention and make the routine of brushing their teeth much more entertaining. Have fun while teaching your kids to keep a healthy routine thanks to this toothbrush!

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Cute U-Shaped Toothbrush  -

Food-grade Bristles

The silicone bristles are soft, safe, and odourless. They cannot hurt your child or their gums. They are also designed to be bite resistant. The bottom bristles are placed at a 90-degree angle and the side bristles at a 45-degree angle. This provides full coverage of your child´s teeth, even in the hard-to-reach spots and spaces between the teeth.

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Food-grade Bristles  -

5 Brushing Modes

You can choose between 5 brushing modes. This allows you to custom fit it to your child´s needs. You have massage mode and gentle mode for the more careful cleaning of the teeth. Then there is a regular cleaning mode for normal brushing. A mode that protects your child´s gums and finally, a deep cleaning mode. This will help you to get a deeper cleanse of all your child´s teeth in a fun and entertaining way.

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - 5 Brushing Modes -

Automatic Shutdown

This toothbrush for kids is extremely efficient. It brushes both teeth and gums, and most of them at the same time. This will of course save you and your child time and energy. It is scientifically proved, that the electric u-shaped toothbrush for kids only requires 60 seconds of brushing. After this, it shuts down automatically. So, you do not have to count or set a timer. After 60 seconds your child´s teeth will be shiny clean.

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Automatic Shutdown  -

Waterproof Design

The whole electric u-shaped toothbrush for kids is waterproof. You do not have to worry about your child dropping it in the water or rinsing it too much. It will endure! This feature only adds to the fun. Let your child learn and explore while using the toothbrush.

Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Waterproof Design -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material : ABS + Food-grade Silicone
  • For Ages: 2-6 or 7-14 years old
  • Colours: Blue, Pink, Green
  • Dimensions: 9.3cm x 7.4cm
  • Charging Time: Approx. 2 hours (Charge lasts up to 20 days)
  • Voltage 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 400MA
    Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids

    Electric U-Shaped Toothbrush for Kids - Package -
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Peter Hofer (Calgary, CA)
    Kids tooth brush

    Works great

    Petya Masri (Middelfart, DK)

    Elektrisk U-formet tandbørste til børn

    Aurelio Payamps (Oleggio, IT)

    Spazzolino da denti elettrico a forma di u per bambini

    Iselin Solbakken
    Mine barn elsker det!

    Å få barna mine til å pusse tennene kan være en utfordring, men siden jeg kjøpte denne U-formede elektriske tannbørsten til dem, gleder de seg faktisk til å pusse tennene! Designet er morsomt og engasjerende for barna, og bustene rengjør tennene deres effektivt.