Electric Callus Remover

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  • Removes callus and dead skin

  • Two grinding heads

  • Ergonomic circular design

  • Built-in vacuum function

  • High-capacity rechargeable battery

Remove callus and keep your feet soft and smooth with this HeelPro electric callus remover.

Electric Callus Remover │ Electric Foot Sander │Foot Care Tool -

Foot Care Tool

It’s tonight - that special party night you’ve been waiting for since a few weeks ago. All your friends are gonna be there - including your crush… How exciting! You’ve planned everything down to the last detail. You know what to wear, what makeup you will put on, which perfume you will use... And those sexy red sandal heels - everything is ready! Oops ... But are you sure? Look at your cracked heels. How are you going to put those shoes on? It’s too late to get an appointment with the beautician. Now what? Don’t stress out because the solution is right here: an electric callus remover. Take care of your feet and get perfectly smooth heels on the go by using this great foot care accessory. Let us tell you more about it and you’ll find out that’s exactly what you need!

Electric Callus Remover - Foot Care Tool -

Removes Callus

Every single day our feet work very hard and intensively. They carry the full weight of our body, getting us exactly where we want. Moreover, they have to endure the friction of not always comfortable shoes and the pressure of high heels shoes. Give your feet some extra care and love by using this footcare accessory. It’s designed to help you remove unsightly callus and dead skin causing cracked heels. Enjoy perfect feet without having to go to your beautician. It’s that simple!

Electric Callus Remover - Removes Callus -

Two Types of Grinding Head

Adapt the grinding head of your foot care tool according to your needs. Thanks to the special design of the callus remover, you can use two interchangeable grinding heads. The coarse quartz grinding head is suitable for removing thickened skin and even the most stubborn calluses whereas the superfine grinding head is designed to remove dead skin and smoothen your feet. The ergonomic circular design will take good care of your skin without hurting it. Use the tool to give yourself a high-quality pedicure and enjoy your perfect feet every day.

Electric Callus Remover - Two Types of Grinding Head -

Double Gear Speed Regulation

Adjust the speed of the accessory by using the double gear speed regulation. The low gear will be indicated by green light and the high gear by red light. Control the gears with ease thanks to the built-in indicator lights.

The micro-abrasion head of the accessory rotates at 1700-2000 RPM for maximum efficiency and comfort. Avoid mess thanks to the built-in vacuum function. The dead skin particles will be removed without the powdery mess. How convenient!

Electric Callus Remover - Double Gear Speed Regulation -

Rechargeable Battery

Use your foot care accessory wherever you want to thanks to its rechargeable design. The built-in powerful 500mAh high-capacity lithium battery charges fully within only 1.5 h and should endure 50 minutes of work. Enjoy the outstanding performance and your perfectly smooth feet with this HeelPro electric callus remover.

Electric Callus Remover - Rechargeable Battery -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: ABS
  • Package size: 16 cm x 13 cm
  • Item colour: white + blue
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current load: 2A
  • Item weight: 250 g
    Electric Callus Remover - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Callus remover

    5 x Grinding head

    5 x Polishing sanding head

    1 x Cleaning brush

    1 x USB charging cable

    1 x Open cover clip

    Electric Callus Remover - Package -
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