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  • Different colour options

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Glossy look

  • Protects hair

  • Easy to use

Enjoy a long-lasting moisturising and colouring effect with this hair colouring shampoo.

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Shiny, Glossy Look

It's every girl's dream to have that perfectly soft, glossy hair look. Some people try to achieve this look by spending a lot of time brushing their hair and applying different sorts of cream. However, you don't really need to do all that. Why? This hair shampoo and moisturiser can help you achieve that look you've been after, and it'll do it easily too.

This means you don't need to spend long hours in front of a mirror with a brush. Neither do you need to try out different hair products, some of which may even harm your hair. Simply apply the shampoo, rinse and enjoy your new shiny hair look.

Hair Colouring Shampoo - Shiny, Glossy Look -

Long-Lasting Effect

Now you might be wondering that since this product is a shampoo, how permanent are the colour results? The answer to that well-thought question is VERY permanent. This is because although this product is a shampoo, in reality, it's both a shampoo and a hair dye. So, in essence, you get to have your hair coloured while having your bath. The colouring effect is also long-lasting, which means it won't just wash off the next time your hair comes in contact with water.

Hair Colouring Shampoo - Long-Lasting Effect -

Different Colour Options Available

Many shampoos are functional hair care products, so they're often only available in one formulation colour. However, this hair colouring shampoo is different in that you can use it for both functional and aesthetic purposes. This shampoo is available in several different colours, so you should be able to get the exact colour you want to dye your hair. Cool, right?

Hair Colouring Shampoo - Different Colour Options Available -

Protects Hair

There are many different hair products around. Some are intended for glamour and to improve appearance. Others are designed for hair growth and protection. Isn't it curious that most of these hair products manufactured to enhance hair conditions and quality have harmful effects on the hair? Such damages could include hair breakage and damage to the scalp and hair. This effect is observed because of the presence of non-hair-friendly chemicals like ammonia in the formulation.

That's why this hair colouring shampoo formulation is ammonia-free. It's also free from other chemicals that may damage your hair.

Hair Colouring Shampoo - Protects Hair -

Easy to Use

Adherence to use instructions is crucial when dealing with hair care products. This is because one wrong step or omission of any action could result in unwanted effects such as hair breakage and even scalp damage. As a result of this, most people prefer to get their hair treated at a salon by a professional. This could mean long hours of waiting and some degree of inconvenience. However, unlike most other hair products, this hair colouring shampoo is very easy to use.

To use this shampoo, simply follow the steps below:
-Perform a sensitivity test 24 hours before colouring.
-Wash your hair before colouring.
-Use a brush to apply the premix to your hair section by section.
-Allow the premix to stand for 40-60 minutes.
-Rinse your hair thoroughly.
That's all! This means applying it is something you'll easily be able to do yourself in the convenience of your home.

Hair Colouring Shampoo - Easy to Use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Net Weight: 100ml
  • Colour: Purple, Green, White, Orange, Red, Gray, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Black
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    Included :

    1x Dye Hair Cream

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