Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer

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  • Successful Cooking

  • Simple to Use

  • Precision

  • Multi-Use

  • Easy to carry

Cook your dishes and pastries to perfection with this kitchen thermometer.

cooking thermometer Celcius Fahrenheit | digital meat thermometer | chocolate thermometer water-resistant - Ozerty

Successful Cooking

Proper cooking of your food is essential to the success of your dishes. For instance, you might want to melt some chocolate for a cake. Top chefs use this probe in their kitchens to ensure that meat, poultry, chocolate, and other foods are cooked to just the right degree.

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Successful Cooking - Ozerty

Easy to Use

Simply insert the probe into the centre of your food as it cooks and the thermometer's LCD screen will show you the temperature. That way you can make sure you finish cooking your food at the right time.

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Easy to Use - Ozerty


The kitchen thermometer is accurate and can measure the temperature of your food to the nearest degree for temperatures ranging from -50°C to 300°C. The thermometer can also display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Precision - Ozerty


The kitchen thermometer is recommended for cooking meats, roasts, poultry, fish, or when you cook in a bain-marie. You can also use it to prepare pastries and temper chocolate or caramel. It's water-resistant, so you can also measure the temperature of stocks, soups and other liquids. How convenient!

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Multi-Purpose - Ozerty

Our Cooking Tips for your Favourite Dishes:

Jam: 104°C
Half-cooked liver: 52°C
Duck breast: 65°C in the middle
Salmon steak: 70°C
Pate: 85°C
Baked rabbit: 60°C

Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Our Cooking Tips for your Favourite Dishes: - Ozerty

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: Stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Temperature: -50°C to +300°C
  • Power supply: 1x AG13 battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 8.3 cm
    Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Dimensions - Ozerty

    Included :

    1 x Digital cooking probe thermometer






    Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer - Package - Ozerty
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