Color Fun Silent Basketball

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Color: Orange
Size: 18 cm/7 inch
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  • Mute Design
  • Ultra-Light
  • Impact Resistant
  • Multi-Color Options
  • Advanced Technology

Discover the joy of indoor basketball without the noise with our Color Fun Silent Basketball! Designed for fun and safety, this basketball ensures an engaging playtime for kids and adults alike. Its innovative features cater to a seamless indoor sports experience, making it an ideal addition to your home's play collection.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Ozerty

Quiet Play, Anytime

Imagine the bounce of a basketball without the accompanying echo—a dream for apartment dwellers and night owls. Our Color Fun Silent Basketball is the answer to the age-old problem of noisy indoor games. With a cleverly designed surface featuring micro-pores, this basketball absorbs sound as it plays, drastically cutting down noise. Designed for those who live in apartments or wish to engage in late-night practice without causing a stir, this basketball is a game-changer. Now, your love for basketball doesn't have to be on pause, regardless of the hour or setting. This ball ensures your game is seen, not heard, transforming any space into a court that respects the silence.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Quiet Play, Anytime - Ozerty

Lightweight Champion

Our Color Fun Silent Basketball redefines indoor play with its ultra-light polyurethane foam construction, offering a blend of safety and performance. This design choice significantly minimizes the risk of accidents or damage, making it an ideal companion for energetic indoor games, especially in spaces shared with fragile items or where young children are present. Parents can breathe easier, knowing that the lightweight nature of this basketball reduces the chances of it becoming a projectile hazard. Yet, its engineering marvel doesn't compromise on the game's essence—the ball still provides the bounce and grip akin to traditional basketballs, ensuring the game's spirit remains alive and well, just with an added layer of safety and convenience.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Lightweight Champion - Ozerty

Built to Last

Our Color Fun Silent Basketball stands out not just for its quiet play but also for its exceptional durability. Engineered to endure, the ball's impact-resistant design is a testament to its robustness, capable of withstanding the rigors of energetic play and frequent use without compromising its shape or functionality. The secret lies in its high-quality polyurethane foam, a material chosen for its resilience and ability to absorb impacts. This means that even after countless games and bounces, the basketball maintains its integrity, offering a consistent performance that players can rely on.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Built to Last - Ozerty

Colorful Choices in Silent Basketball

Our Color Fun Silent Basketball is available in a variety of vibrant colors, including Yellow, Orange, Green, Klein Blue, and Rose Red. This range of color options allows players to choose a ball that suits their style or to easily distinguish between multiple balls during group play. The bright colors also add an element of fun and personal expression to the game, making each basketball not just a piece of sports equipment but also a statement of individuality.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Colorful Choices in Silent Basketball - Ozerty

Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship

The advanced technology behind our Color Fun Silent Basketball is what sets it apart. The innovative use of polyurethane foam, combined with a unique manufacturing process, results in a ball that is light, durable, and quiet. The technology also ensures that the ball's bounce is consistent and predictable, closely mimicking the behavior of a standard basketball. This technological advancement in sports equipment design demonstrates a commitment to improving the play experience while also considering the needs and constraints of indoor environments.

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Cutting-Edge Craftsmanship - Ozerty

Technical characteristics:

Colors: Orange/Blue/Green/Yellow

Available In: 18 cm x 7.08 inch | 22 cm x 8.66 inch | 24 cm x 9.44 inch

Material: PU/Polyurethane

Weight: 150g | 185g | 310g

Filling material: High Foam Density

Recommend Age: 3-6y ,6-12y, 14+y

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Technical characteristics - Ozerty

Product content:

1x Color Fun Silent Basketball

1x free gift mesh bag

Color Fun Silent Basketball - Product content - Ozerty

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