4 in 1 USB flash drive

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  • Transfer files between iOS and Android

  • Use as extra storage

  • Plug-and-play

  • Includes USB Type-C connector

  • Lightning to USB/Micro USB

With this 4 in 1 USB flash drive you'll never need a bunch of adapters again!

4 in 1 USB flash drive | lightning to USB | USB type-C to micro USB | USB to micro USB -

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhones and more

Have you ever had trouble using iTunes to sync your iPhone and computer? Did you wish you had an easier way of transferring files? Or would you like to be able to share files between your phone and your friends' phones? This 4 in 1 USB flash drive is the perfect solution!

It has a USB 3.0 connection so you can connect it to your computer. With the lightning connection, you can use it with your iPhone or iPad. And it has a micro USB connection and a USB Type-C connection! That means it's also compatible with almost any Android phone, as well as newer MacBooks. It's simple and easy to transfer files between your phone, tablet, PC, MacBook, and more. Quickly move files between phones with this flash drive.

4 in 1 USB flash drive - Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhones and more -


You don't need to worry about installing drivers on your PC. You also won't need to install any special apps on your phone. This flash drive comes equipped with plug-and-play technology. So you can use it instantly just by plugging it into any smartphone or computer.

You can rewrite the memory on the flash drive up to 10,000 times. We recommend you don't completely format the drive too often. That way you'll extend its lifetime. This 4 in 1 flash drive is so convenient! You'll never need a lot of different cables and adapters again with this USB drive that has it all.

4 in 1 USB flash drive - Plug-and-play -

Use for extra storage or as a backup

Don't have much spare memory in your phone? Extend your phone's storage capacity with this convenient USB flash drive. Store movie collections, series, books, videos, photos, music, documents, and more. You can also use it to back up your phone with a one-click backup. The larger capacity flash drives can be used instead of an external hard drive. You can even use it to copy portable apps and games from one device to another!

With a USB 3.0 connection, you can transfer large files from the flash drive to your computer quickly. You'll see it can do transfer speeds of up to 150MB/s. It also has a solid-state drive, which makes it very stable and shock-resistant.

4 in 1 USB flash drive - Use for extra storage or as a backup -

Security encryption

The flash drive supports touch ID and password encryption so you can protect your data. Connect the drive to your computer, right-click the device and choose encrypt. You can choose whether to encrypt the entire flash drive or just some specific files. That way if you lose your flash drive, no one will be able to read your information or steal your data.

You can also install a portable antivirus program on the flash drive. Then, if you're travelling and have to use another computer, you can run the antivirus on that computer when you plug in your flash drive.

4 in 1 USB flash drive - Security encryption -

Take it anywhere!

You can take your 4 in 1 flash drive anywhere you go. And the best bit is you don't need to remember to take a bunch of adapters or cables. Shockproof, wear-resistant, and lightweight, it's sturdy yet convenient. Put it in your pocket, wallet or purse. It's made of aluminium alloy and has a non-slip matte surface. Unlike many other 4 in 1 flash drives, the retractable design is easy to use. It's also smaller and more compact.

Are you a frequent traveller? You've probably lost documents, visas, flight confirmations, and other similar things at some point. Safely carry them with you on your flash drive. Are you studying? Do you work away from the office sometimes? Keep your projects with you to access them wherever you are. It's also a great gift idea since it's so versatile and has so many uses.

4 in 1 USB flash drive - Take it anywhere! -

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimensions: Height 6.5 cm | Width 2.5 cm | Depth 0.8 cm
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Texture: Matte
  • Color: Black, pink, silver, gold
  • Sizes: 4GB | 8GB | 32 GB | 64 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB
  • Connectors: USB 3.0 | Lightning | Micro USB | USB Type-C
    4 in 1 USB flash drive - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x 4 in 1 USB flash drive

    1 x Type - C adapter

    4 in 1 USB flash drive - Package -
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