2-pack Car Bumper Protectors

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  • Protects bumpers

  • Anti-scratch

  • 4 colours

  • Strong adhesive

  • Weatherproof

Protect your car from scratches with these handy bumper stickers. Install them on the front and rear bumpers and doors of your car.

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Anti-Scratch Bumper Stickers

Have you ever scratched your car bumper? You might have been reversing out in a car park and scratched a post. Or there might be a low branch or two in your driveway. It's also easy to scratch your doors if you park your car in a narrow garage. Protect your car's paint job with these handy stickers! The rubbery material will protect your car bumper and other surfaces from scrapes and scratches.

2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Anti-Scratch Bumper Stickers -

Adhesive and Flexible

These anti-scratch strips come with strong adhesive tape on the back. But don't worry, they don't adhere permanently. You'll be able to move and remove them whenever you want. The adhesive won't damage your car's paint when you take the strip off. The strips are also extremely bendable so they'll curve around corners easily.

2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Adhesive and Flexible -

Weatherproof Bumper Protectors

These bumper guards are waterproof once you install them. The adhesive will continue to stick despite wild weather and extreme temperatures. They're heat and cold-resistant, so you don't need to worry they'll fall off the next time it rains or snows.

2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Weatherproof Bumper Protectors -

Use on different surfaces

Think outside the box. These anti-scratch sticker guards aren't just useful for the corners of your front and rear bumpers. Stick one vertically on the edge of your car door to protect it when you open your door in a confined space. Put them horizontally on all of your car doors on the widest part of your car to protect it from others opening their car doors unwarily in a car park. Put a couple on the middle of your front and rear bumpers to protect them from scratches. These stickers are ideal for cars, SUVs, trucks, and pickups.

2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Use on different surfaces -

Easy to Install

Clean the surface of your car where you want to install the sticker and dry it completely. You may want to heat the surface (eg with a hair dryer) a little if it's extremely cold. Peel the protective backing away from the strip, including the thin strips along the sides. Press the sticker firmly onto the car, without leaving any gaps. Hold it in place for a few seconds. We recommend you don't wash your car for 48 hours after installing the stickers to ensure they continue to adhere strongly.

2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Easy to Install -

Technical characteristics :

  • Size: 40 cm (15.9 in) long, 5.2 cm (2.1 in) wide
  • Material: PVC plastic
  • Weight: Approx. 160 grams
  • Colours: black, white, red, gray
    2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Dimensions -

    Included :

    2 x adhesive bumper strips

    2-pack Car Bumper Protectors  - Package -
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