Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector

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  • Bunion Correction

  • Pain Relief

  • 3-point Pressure System

  • Flexible Design

  • Breathable Fabric

Give your bunion and toes the relief they deserve with The Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector - Pain Relief - 3-point Pressure System  -

Bunion Correction

The Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector can help you correct your toes back to their normal shape. This way you can comfortably bend and use them again. The Corrector is extremely comfortable. It can not only reverse the bunion symptoms but also prevent them from coming back. The Corrector can help you feel comfortable in your shoes again.

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Bunion Correction -

Pain Relief

The support provided on the metatarsal can shield the bunion and protect it. It can also relieve pain during the whole day and night. This non-surgical treatment is completely safe and could change your life forever. The pressure and protection can reduce the inflammation in your toes or completely remove it. This way you may feel less pain and discomfort, or none.

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Pain Relief  -

3-point Pressure System

Designed by an orthopaedic surgeon, the 3-point pressure system can relieve the hallux valgus deformity. Furthermore, it aligns the big toes back to their natural position. The 3-point system can also help reduce the friction between your toes. With all these features, you may very well be walking around freely soon.

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - 3-point Pressure System  -

Flexible Design

The Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector is very flexible and comfortable. You can adjust it to fit your size and shape of feet. It fits both left and right foot The Corrector has a double-layer adhesive tape on the arch and fits most feet. It is designed for both men and women. The material is strong and durable. Designed to be easy to clean and reuse.

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Flexible Design -

Breathable Fabric

The material of the Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector is an anti-sweat material. It allows your toes to breathe and will transport moisture and heat away from them. This way you, can comfortably use it while sleeping, under your socks, and even in shoes.

Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Breathable Fabric -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: PEEK plastic holder, Compound bandage
  • Dimension: 13.5cm x 1.1cm (adjustable)
  • Weight: 23g
  • Colours: White
    Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector 

    Orthopaedic Bunion Corrector  - Package -
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    Kidest Tadesse (Stockholm, SE)
    Mycket bra ❤️

    Jag är jätte nöjd på min köp det fungerar super bra 👍

    salvatore reali (Caltanissetta, IT)
    correttore alluce valgo

    ottimo prodotto consiglio

    Anonymous (Vancouver, CA)
    Bunion Corrector

    I don’t usually subscribe to anything like this… I don’t usually believe that stuff like this can work… Boy was I wrong! From the time I put my bunion correctors on until now… I have found it comfortable, I wear it all day and I wear it at night… When I take it off I can clearly See a difference in the way that my bunion stuck out just two weeks ago… In the way that it looks now is completely different it’s starting to look very flat like my other foot and I am hoping that I will be able to get into my regular shoes instead of wearing sandals and only one pair of sandals that I can wear and then my UGGs in the winter… I believe this is going to be life-changing for me because I will be able to wear normal shoes again and without surgery or anything else evasive…It is definitely worth the money…

    Cristina Diez (Salamanca, ES)
    Corrector juanetes

    He recibido el corrector de juanetes y estoy muy contenta con el. Se adapta bien al pie. Gracias

    Paola Masala
    Tutore alluce valgo

    Lo sto provando la notte vedremo... il dolore un po' è passato