Orthopedic insoles for flat feet

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  • Four core design

  • Balanced support

  • Heel hollow zone

  • Premium quality material

  • All types of shoes

Improve your feet and legs alignment and enhance comfort if you have flat feet wearing these orthopedic foot arch supports.

Flat foot arch support │ Orthopedic insoles for flat feet│ Footbed -

Flat foot support

Our feet work very hard every day. They endure various tensions and carry the weight of our entire body. The body posture and backbone health are directly connected with the condition of our feet. If you suffer from flat feet or plantar fasciitis, then arch support tools can provide comfortable stability for your feet as you perform your daily activities.

Improve your feet and legs alignment with these insoles crafted to relieve pressure on the foot region, enhancing the foot arch profile.

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Flat foot support -

Balanced support design

Feel comfortable and improve your posture wearing these orthopedic insoles thanks to their ergonomic design. Their rounded profile is anatomically adapted to the natural shape of the foot and can help balance foot and calf pressure across all directions.

The foot arch support area is designed to restore arch curvature and provide cushioning. The foot lateral arch support should gently cushion the sole, improving circulation. The foot lateral arch support should help shape the foot and keep it in a right place in your shoe, whereas the heel arch support is designed to minimize the impact.

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Balanced support design -

Extra heel protection

Our heels are fairly small in stature, yet every day they have to endure tremendous amounts of force. While we’re walking, all the body weight is resting on one heel at a time. Relieve the heel, joints and ligaments while keeping calcaneus in a neutral position thanks to the built-in heel hollow zone and U-shaped wrap around.
It’s designed to reduce the friction between heel and shoe, as well as reduce damage to bones and tendons.

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Extra heel protection -

Premium material

Made of high-quality TPR material, these footbeds have high impact strength, good tear and abrasion resistance and elasticity. All those characteristics make them a perfect complement for your shoes. These orthopedic insoles are designed with therapeutic properties to reduce friction, help keep the feet cool, dry, prevent odor and pain. Designed for intense use, these inserts are flexible and light, yet provide excellent support and all-day comfort.

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Premium material -

For everyday use

Foot comfort and pain relief in conditions like flat feet or plantar fasciitis is not a luxury. It’s a must - no matter what you’re doing and what kind of shoes you are wearing. Designed to be used every day, these shoe insoles are designed to be used in all types of leisure or daily-wear shoes, including high heels, work boots, dress shoes, and sneakers.

Purchase just one pair and wear it every day, with all types of shoes. Choose from two colors and multiple sizes available and enjoy the experience of foot comfort every day.

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - For everyday use -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: TPR
    Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Pair of orthopedic insoles for flat feet

    Orthopedic insoles for flat feet - Package -
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Uma Elie (Hayes, GB)
    Good item, does the job

    Comfortable support for my slightly flat feet.

    Linda Thomas (Bridlington, GB)
    Linda T

    The insoles looked really good didn’t get the chance to try them as my cavapoo Teddy has eaten most of them, so they must taste good. Will have to order some more

    Mary Cassidy (Liverpool, GB)
    Excellent insoles

    The Orthopaedic insoles are working really well and it is great that they are not long and fit neatly into my shoes.

    Diego Cariolato (Trissino, IT)

    Solette ortopediche per piedi piatti

    Sandro Grandesso

    Solette ortopediche per piedi piatti