Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush

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  • Improves oral health

  • Non-toxic

  • Built-in bell

  • Catnip and Silvervine

  • Refillable

Take care of your cat's health and entertainment providing it with this fish shaped cat toothbrush with refillable catnip balls and silvervine bags.

Cat tooth brush │ Cat Toothbrush Chew Toy │ Cat Teeth Cleaning Brush -

Multiuse toy

We all know that our pets’ oral health is directly connected with their wellness. Which makes it one of the aspects we need to pay special attention to. Provide your cat a toy it can play with while cleaning its teeth. This fish shaped cat toothbrush is a great idea to keep your cat entertained as cats love chasing objects and chewing on them.

Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Multiuse toy -

Built-in bell

Cats are naturally very active animals. They need to move around, run, jump, chase and hunt - that’s exactly what makes them happy. This cat toy is designed to entertain and keep the animal vigorous. The form of a fish, rounded shape and special surface encourages a cat to play. Moreover, it has a small bell inside - the sound will surely catch your pet’s attention.

Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Built-in bell -

Catnip and Silvervine

The package contains 2 catnip balls and a silvervine powder bag. Most cats love the smell of catnip. In fact, this plant is known to have positive effects on its nervous system. It can either relax or energize them improving appetite and eliminating from their bodies hairballs that they swallow.
Silvervine is a plant known as “Japanese catnip”. It contains actinidin, a substance that takes care of your cat’s stomach health. The toy is refillable so you can get new balls whenever you want to.

Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Catnip and Silvervine -

Durable and safe

This fish-shaped cat toothbrush is made of high-quality TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material - durable and resistant to friction, bites, and pressure. It’s non-toxic and safe for your pet so you can let it chew on the toy as much as it wants to.
It’s a good idea to put some cat toothpaste or food on the toy to encourage it to chew - your cat will be entertaining itself while the toy is removing dental calculus and germs.

Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Durable and safe -

A perfect gift

Go ahead and get this toothbrush and multi-use toy for your cat. Not only will it take care of its physical activity and oral health but also it will help counteract boredom while you’re not home. This will reduce separation anxiety and increase the intelligence of your cat - could it be any better?

Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - A perfect gift -

Technical characteristics :

  • Material: TPR
  • Size: 12.2cm x 5cm x 5.8cm
    Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Dimensions -

    Included :

    1 x Fish shaped cat toothbrush

    2 x Catnip ball

    1 x Silvervine powder bag

    Fish shaped refillable cat toothbrush - Package -
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